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The textbook for this class is Conceptual Physics by Paul Hewitt. It is an old version but it has been chosen because it is easy to read and has minimal math within the text. There are also multiple opportunities to get textbooks online. Recommended sources are:

OpenStax College Physics This is a source of an actual published textbook. It is free to download in multiple formats.

The Physics Classroom. An interactive, multimedia resource.

The Physics Classroom Class. A list of helpful resources by topic.

Class Rules -pdf Class Rules-Word

What is a theory, law, hypothesis in science? An article from the National Science Teachers Association Journal

Physics Units FormulaCard.docx FormulaCard.pdf
Unit I Kinematics    
Unit II Dynamics    
Unit III Machines    
Unit IV Conservation Laws    

Problem Solving Help From the University of Minnesota

Relative Motion Website

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