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Mr. D's Minnesota Geology Virtual Field Trip

Rock and Mineral Identification Help

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Mineral & Rock ID by A DeBruyckere
Stone Quarries and Beyond
Earth Revealed Notes - GSC101
AGIWEB Home Page
Earth Science Week

Karst & Caves Notes

Karst Topography
Carbonate Rocks



Desert Environment, Minerals & Geology Index - DesertUSA
Desert Geology - California Geology Gallery
Sahara Desert Map - GEOLOGY.COM
Deserts ,Geology and Resources


Earthquake Notes
Nevada Seismological Laboratory
Sonoma State (CA) Geology Department
Today's Earthquake Activity
Southern California Earthquake Data Center Home
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion
Earth  Science


Earth Science Week: Home Page
Earth to Class
Freshwater Society
MN Geologic cross sections
Geology Gems-Winona State University
Welcome To The Groundwater Foundation


All About Glaciers
Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms
Minnesota River Valley Formation

Minnesota Geology

Bdrk explanation
Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge
Surface explanation
Geology of Pipestone National Monument
Minnesota maps from Omni Resources
Minnesota DNR Geology
Minnesota DNR - Minnesota Conservation Volunteer
Minnesota Iron Mining
Minnesota - Mining Journal
Minnesota DNR - State Parks: A to Z
Minnesota DNR - Scientific and Natural Areas: Minnesota's Geology
MN Geology Review
Mn Geological Survey
Minnesota DNR - GIS Data Deli
Index to the MGS
Central Mn geology
Minnesota Geology by A DeBruyckere

Rocks & Minerals

Min.Inst.Univ.W¸rzburg, Links for Mineralogists
Sedimentary Rock Classification Table
Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and Minerals Lab
Rock Cycle
Rocks & Minerals
Metamorphic Rocks
All You Really Need to Know about Minerals - GEOLOGY 50
mineral page
Mountainbuilder Rocks and Minerals
Introduction to Minerals
Igneous Rocks
Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery


Volcano Notes


Volcano World -- The Premier Source of Volcano Info on the Web
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
CVO Photo Archives - Mount St. Helens: A General Slide Set
Volcanoes , Volcano information, volcanoe pictures, diagrams, volcanic eruptions sites
Mt. St. Helens During
Understanding plate motions [This Dynamic Earth, USGS]
This Dynamic Earth--Contents [USGS]

Water - Lakes/Rivers/Oceans

Ocean Planet: Ocean Science
Virtual River
Watershed basins map: Minnesota DNR

Geology Labs On-Line
The Learning Web at the U.S. Geological Survey
Geology 222: Spring1998 - Syllabus
NAGT Home Page
U.S. Geological Survey
Welcome to Virtual Age - Dating
Candle Wax - genwax.com
GeoMan's Mineral and Rock Identification
Physical Geology - Georgia Perimeter College
Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology 6/e
UCMP Web Time Machine

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