Hutchinson Astronomy & Meteorology

The study of things above the surface of the earth.



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Class Rules, Syllabus Class Rules, Syllabus
Star Sessions Star Sessions
  Scientific Method Notes
  Temperature and Pressure Notes
  Weather Notes
  Relative Humidity
  Weather Homework
  Weather Summary Notes
Science Math Science Math
Science Math Answers Science Math Answers
Weather Symbol Weather Symbol
Latitude & Longitude Latitude & Longitude
Christmas is Dec 21
Chapter 1 Answers Chapter 1 Answers
Chapter 2 Answers Chapter 2 Answers
Kepler's Laws Kepler's Laws
Kepler's Laws Answers
Chapter 3 Answers Chapter 3 Answers
Triangulation Practice Triangulation Practice
Telescopes and Light Notes
Black Holes Black Holes
Christmas is on December 21st
Cloud Formation Exercise Cloud Formation Exercise
Myseries of the Universe Guide Myseries of the Universe Guide
Orgins of the Universe Guide Orgins of the Universe Guide
Spectra Spectra
Star Location Practice Star Location Practice